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New capabilities, such as cloud deployment systems and Docker, make it possible to implement a new kind of service architecture. Docker makes it possible to define server process configuration in a repeatable container that’s easy to deploy by the millions into a cloud-hosting system. It lends itself best to small, single-purpose service instances that can be connected together to make a complete system. This was an important insight on Ryan Dahl’s part, and is what propelled Node.js’s popularity. Certain actions take a long time to run, such as database queries, and should not be treated the same as operations that quickly retrieve data from memory. Because of the nature of the JavaScript language, Node.js had to express this asynchronous coding construct in an unnatural way.

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With both the callback functions and the promise’s asynchronous coding, Node.js had its own complexity issue. With callback functions, that meant deeply nested callback functions, and with promises, that meant a long chain of .then handler functions. In addition to the complexity of the coding, we have errors and results landing in unnatural places.

The Node.js answer to complexity

Do you want to develop real-time web applications like chat, remote collaboration, video streaming, online payment services and so more? If you’re looking for an alternative to the ‘P’ languages , or if you want to get started with server-side web development with JavaScript programming, this Node book is for you. Our focus in this book is real-world considerations of developing and deploying Node.js applications.

Of course, the program pauses at this point while the database layer sends the query to the database and waits for the result or the error. This pause is bad because the execution thread can do nothing while it waits for the result to arrive. If your software is running on a single-threaded platform, the entire server would be blocked and unresponsive. If instead your application is running on a thread-based server platform, a thread-context switch is required to satisfy any other requests that arrive. The greater the number of outstanding connections to the server, the greater the number of thread-context switches.

node.js web development

If the goal is to avoid the complexity of a multithreaded system, then the system must use asynchronous operations as Node.js does. By converting blocking function calls into asynchronous code execution, you can configure the systems so that it issues an event when the blocking request is satisfied. Node.js is built on top of the V8 JavaScript engine, letting it take advantage of all that work on V8. As a result, Node.js was able to quickly adopt new JavaScript language features as they were implemented by V8 and reap performance wins for the same reason.

The Ultimate Guide to Node.js for Backend Web Development

About Node.jsJavaScript is at the fingertips of every frontend web developer, making it a very popular programming language, so much so that it is stereotyped as being for client-side code in web pages. Node.js is the leading choice of server-side web development platform, enabling developers to use the same tools and paradigms for both server-side and client-side software. NodeJS employs the single-threaded event loop model which means it executes the instructions in a single sequence. To be explained in simple words, one command is processed at a time. This makes it easy for web developers to handle the concurrent user base.

node.js web development

This is an equally silly way to calculate Fibonacci numbers, but by using process.nextTick, the event loop has an opportunity to execute. To tame the complexity of threaded concurrency, but some argue that papering over complexity only makes things more complex. node.js web development When writing web applications, view templates can be used on both sides. We present your company in a way that leverages its overall appeal. It makes the testimonials look authentic, acting as social proof to create credibility and boosting sales.

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Instead, Node.js is a programming runtime akin to Python, Go, or Java SE. There are web application frameworks and application servers written in Node.js, however. In the few years that Node.js has been available, it’s quickly gained a significant role, fulfilling the prediction that it could potentially supplant other web application stacks. Node.js has a single execution thread with no waiting on I/O or context switching. Instead, there is an event loop looking for events and dispatching them to handler functions. The paradigm is that any operation that would block or otherwise take time to complete must use the asynchronous model. These functions are to be given an anonymous function to act as a handler callback, or else , the function would return a Promise.

You can leverage the V8 JavaScript engine from the Chrome browser, and all the work goes into improving V8; all the performance enhancements going into V8, therefore, benefits Node.js. It’s best to not just follow the crowd because there are different crowds, and each one claims that their software platform does cool things. Node.js does some cool things, but what is more important is its technical merit.

Once the call to the query function finishes, control will return almost immediately to the event loop, which goes on to servicing other requests. One of those requests will be the response to the query, which invokes the callback function. Express/Node introduction In this first Express article we answer the questions «What is Node?» and «What is Express?» and give you an overview of what makes the Express web framework special. We’ll outline the main features and show you some of the main building blocks of an Express application (although at this point you won’t yet have a development environment in which to test it).

  • Enterprise programmers in other languages, such as Java, are accustomed to strong type checking as a way of preventing certain classes of bugs.
  • Therefore, it is important to consult with the experts to understand about their competence and skills.
  • By itself, the async/await feature promises us a way out of what’s called callback fell, the situation that we find ourselves in when nesting callbacks within callbacks.
  • A new kind of function, the arrow function, which is lighter in weight, meaning less memory and execution time impact.
  • It will also help you to bridge the gap with your customers by understanding their requirements and taking their feedback to improve your services.

Old browsers mean old JavaScript implementations, and if we want our code to work, we need it to be compatible with old browsers. Roughly speaking, the more servers you buy, the greater the monetary cost and the greater the environmental cost. There’s a whole field of expertise around reducing costs and the environmental impact of running web-server facilities to which that rough guideline doesn’t do justice. The goal is fairly obvious—fewer servers, lower costs, and a lower environmental impact by using more efficient software. In the meantime, we can discuss why it’s important to use efficient software stacks.

Later in this book, we’ll explore this example a little more deeply to explore alternative approaches. In other words, the Fibonacci function is a stand-in for any blocking operation. The bottom line is that Node.js excels at event-driven I/O throughput.

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By itself, the async/await feature promises us a way out of what’s called callback fell, the situation that we find ourselves in when nesting callbacks within callbacks. It’s such an important feature that it should necessitate a broad rethinking of the prevailing callback-oriented paradigm in Node.js and the rest of the JavaScript ecosystem. It looks in the request URL for an argument, n, for which to calculate the Fibonacci number.

node.js web development

Docker makes it possible to define server process configuration in a repeatable container that’s easy to deploy by the millions into a cloud hosting system. It lends itself best to small single-purpose service instances that can be connected together to make a complete system. Docker isn’t the only tool to help simplify cloud deployments; however, its features are well attuned to modern application deployment needs.

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The result fits agile project management methods since each microservice can be easily managed by a small team which collaborates at the boundary of their individual API. E have learned a lot about how Node.js architecture differs from other programming platforms. The choice to eschew threads to implement concurrency simplifies away the complexity and overhead that comes from using threads. This seems to have fulfilled the promise of being more efficient. Efficiency has a number of benefits to many aspects of a business.

Node.js Web Development, 5th Edition

Node.js is quickly becoming a popular development platform, and is being adopted by plenty of big and small players. One of these players is PayPal, who are replacing their incumbent Java-based system with one written in Node.js. The network layer of Node.js is low level while being simple to use—for example, the HTTP modules allow you to write an HTTP server using a few lines of code. You know something about developing web applications in other languages. By using Node.js as the foundation web developers can develop web applications that will grow simultaneously as the business grows.

Just because that complexity is hidden within Spring and Java EE does not mean that there is no complexity and overhead. While NodeJS can be used for both frontend and backend web development projects. In order to select one between Python vs NodeJS, you should have a clear knowledge of your project requirements. Choose the one that aligns with your project requirement to yield favorable outcomes. In terms of NordJS’ features, its ability to handle I/O is unmatched. It is equipped with top-notch I/O handling which makes it easy for web developers to develop a web application that streams data while simultaneously transcoding media files.

Because of what await does, it is still asynchronous code execution. In this section, you have learned several reasons to use Node.js. Not only is it a popular platform, with a strong community behind it, but there are also serious technical reasons to use it.

Server utilization, overhead costs, and environmental impact

A rudimentary understanding of JavaScript and web application development is a must before you get started with this book. That took David through several companies until he grew tired of communicating primarily with machines, and developed a longing for human communication. Today, David is an independent writer of books and blog posts covering topics related to technology, programming, electric vehicles, and clean energy technologies.

Context switching is not free because more threads require more memory per thread state and more time for the CPU to spend on thread management overheads. The Node.js model is very different from common application server platforms using threads. The claim is that with the single-thread event-driven architecture, memory footprint is low, throughput is high, the latency profile under load is better, and the programming model is simpler. This book gives you an excellent starting point, bringing you straight to the heart of developing web applications with Node.js. You will progress from a rudimentary knowledge of JavaScript and server-side development to being able to create and maintain your own Node.js application. A single-thread, event-driven programming model is simpler to code and has less complexity and less overhead than application servers that rely on threads to handle multiple concurrent tasks.

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